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Thank you to you and your child for visiting Isabella&Friends. It is important to us that visitors have a good experience when spending time in our world and your thoughts and opinions are essential to us. You are welcome to contact us any time if you have a question, a comment or would like to know more about Isabella&Friends. Below, we invite you to read more about our values, the idea behind Isabella&Friends and how we ensure our website is safe for your child.

A New, Creative Universe for Girls
The idea behind Isabella&Friends is to give your child a place where she is free to enjoy playing and learning. We have defined the framework for a universe, which focuses on the everyday experiences and lives of Isabella and her friends whilst also offering your child the opportunity to be creative and use her imagination. Your child can find her inner artist playing the “Dress Up Game”, colour in drawings or just enjoy exploring the many-faceted world of Isabella&Friends. At the same time your child can follow Isabella’s life through her diary – exciting stories written for children. If you would like to surprise your child with one of our products, take a look at the page “Cool Stuff”, where you can find descriptions and photos of the products. Retail outlets are listed under “Distributors”.

Good Values and Role Models
We emphasize mirroring positive values as a learning tool for our users. Through Isabella&Friends we aim to show the importance and characteristics of good friendships. We illustrate this through Isabella’s friendship with her friends showing trust, listening skills, being helpful and kind to each other. The girls demonstrate responsibility through their commitment to their work and illustrate that you can have fun and learn at the same time. It is important for us to communicate good values, which hopefully will contribute to your child’s life skills.

Safe Environment
When your child comes to our site, she is in good hands. We have taken on the responsibility of putting together our site in such a way that it is safe and accessible to even the youngest children. On the Isabella&Friends site there are no external links, advertisements or op-ups from other websites, so you are safe to let your child navigate our site.
In connection with our contests, we ask for registration via e-mail solely with the purpose of being able to contact the winner(s). The winner(s) will be asked to submit their contact information to be used for forwarding the prize. All personal data will be deleted after the end of the contest.
We think it is important to talk to your child about using the internet. If you would like to know more about our policies, please go to the tab “Privacy”.

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